image one Company formation in Poland  |  2017  | 

There are many reasons why foreign corporations decide on setting up a company in Poland. Although the process is quite complicated and might take a while, thanks to the help of experienced advisors from KZWS group, it can be reduced to absolute minimum. Visit the website of this accounting and auditing firm and contact them!

image one Formwork accessories  |  2017  |  Forbuild's formwork solutions

Professional systems for the construction sector, developed to transfer the forces, created by the concrete pressing on the panels. Formwork accessories included in Forbuild’s offer are extremely durable and efficient in transferring those forces, thus they offer the reliability and durability your company requires.

image one Recon turbo  |  2017  |  Turbo reconditioning at great price

Quality of brand new automotive parts is unquestionable - so is their high price. At Reman-Tec you can find recon turbo for your truck, passenger car or other vehicle. The element offers amazing durability and quality comparable to a brand new part. At the same time the price is much lower, which gives you a chance to enjoy great turbocharger without ruining your budget.

image one Car upholstery  |  2017  |  Classic leather upholstery

Your style can be perfectly resembled in your vehicles interior. Carlex is an expert when it comes to car upholstery - the most exquisite, elegant and amazing one from all. They are individually designed and manufactured according to the highest quality and precision standards. You pick the best leather and version for your vehicle!

image one Create your own phone case  |  2017  |  Design unique phone housing with Telart

Simple, fast, affordable and allowing everyone to design the way their mobile will look like. Telart has prepared a website which allows to create your own phone case with the pictures from the best holidays, your kids and family or any other graphic you want. It is one of the most original birthday gifts you will ever come up with!

image one Cosmetic dentistry abroad  |  2017  |  Go on holidays and take care of your teeth health

Everyone, who lost their tooth or plan to improve their teeth looks, search for services of the highest quality and at the lowest possible prices. It is true that the costs of implants, or teeth whitening can be extremely high. However, thanks to Dentim Europe clinic’s offer, you can go on dental holidays to Poland and choose both: attractive price and the best treatment available.

image one Rotary sieve  |  2017  |  Professional rotary drum screen

The expertise and experience of Progress Eco company, is a guarantee that every rotary sieve included in the offer will be characterized by fantastic effectiveness of liquids and solid particles separation in industrial conditions. They can work without interruption thanks to (amongst other things) self-cleaning function.

image one Special economic zones Poland  |  2017  |  Details of Special Economic Zones in Poland - Cushman & Wakefield

To minimize the costs of developing your company and maximize return on investment, contact our company real estate market specialists, who will comprehensively help you in choosing the best warehouse and investment land in the country. Cushman & Wakefield recommends choosing those areas, which are included in one of Special Economic Zones in Poland. Apart from support from the authorities, every company can count on pretty sizable tax exempt (depending on the size of the investment itself). Find out more.

image one Wheel loaders  |  2017  |  Dressta's reliable loaders

Extremely powerful engines, effortless steering, durability and reliability make the construction machinery one of the best on the market. Dressta has prepared wheel loaders for the most demanding companies. They equipment can also be equipped with additional solutions and special features. Check it now!

image one Synthetic floor  |  2017  |  Floor offered by Novol company

The main area of Novol expertise is the production of modern synthetic floor on the basis of e.g. polyurethane resin. Innovative manufacturing process along with a wide range of solutions dedicated for various conditions, make the offer of the company one of the most comprehensive and competitive on the market.

image one Precision balances  |  2017  |  Accurate precision scales from RADWAG

Advanced electronic measurement instruments, characterized by accuracy, simplicity of use and reliability. RADWAG employs advanced technological achievements to make the precision balances included in the offer the best on the market. You can choose from scales different in terms of maximum capacity, pans size and readability.

image one Bungy trampoline  |  2017  |  Trampolines from Eurojumper - see more

Lots and lots of fun and a possibility to start a business of your own. Each bungy trampoline included in Eurojumper’s offer is a safe, reliable device. Select a eurobungy for 1 person or invest in much larger and more effective 4 person, high devices! See the details of the offer and invest in universal jumping fun for kids and adults.

image one Wooden sword  |  2017  |  Fencing equipment

Have you ever thought what is produced wooden swords? If so, you should visit the web page There you will find information on the use of such weapons in fencing training. There is also our unique online store where you make a satisfactory purchase. We invite you to visit our website!

image one  |  2017  |  Cones from chocolate - choose Barbara Luijckx

Tasty and beautiful - such are cones, cups, mignons and other chocolate decorations from Barbara Luijckx. The company has years of experience in preparing the most exquisite dark, white and milk shavings, curls, cigarellos and other accessories for confectionery experts. Make your cake, dessert and ice cream an amazing experience.

image one Shimano disc brake pads  |  2017  |  Effective pads for your bicycle

For all enthusiasts, amaterus, semi-professionals and professionals, our online shop has prepared a unique offer of bicycle parts and accessories. Choose Hayes, Avid or Shimano disc brake pads for even better handling and safer ride. Made by the best brands from the best materials, they are the first selection of every cyclist.

image one Insect exterminator  |  2017  |  Fly traps and exterminators

Professional devices for the most demanding facilities (shops, factories, manufacturers etc.) struggling with the issue of flies and other bugs. We have developed an impressive offer including an electric insect exterminator, special traps with glueboards and several other versions. They are available in different sizes and aesthetic versions.