image one Formwork accessories  |  2019  |  Forbuild's formwork solutions

Professional systems for the construction sector, developed to transfer the forces, created by the concrete pressing on the panels. Formwork accessories included in Forbuild’s offer are extremely durable and efficient in transferring those forces, thus they offer the reliability and durability your company requires.

image one Wheel loaders  |  2019  |  Dressta's reliable loaders

Extremely powerful engines, effortless steering, durability and reliability make the construction machinery one of the best on the market. Dressta has prepared wheel loaders for the most demanding companies. They equipment can also be equipped with additional solutions and special features. Check it now!

image one  |  2019  |  Cones from chocolate - choose Barbara Luijckx

Tasty and beautiful - such are cones, cups, mignons and other chocolate decorations from Barbara Luijckx. The company has years of experience in preparing the most exquisite dark, white and milk shavings, curls, cigarellos and other accessories for confectionery experts. Make your cake, dessert and ice cream an amazing experience.

image one Shimano disc brake pads  |  2019  |  Effective pads for your bicycle

For all enthusiasts, amaterus, semi-professionals and professionals, our online shop has prepared a unique offer of bicycle parts and accessories. Choose Hayes, Avid or Shimano disc brake pads for even better handling and safer ride. Made by the best brands from the best materials, they are the first selection of every cyclist.

image one Gas insulated substation  |  2019  |  Gas insulated substation from ZPUE

Concrete container transformer stations with external operation are equipped with the most advanced and the most reliable equipment and accessories available. ZPUE offers gas insulated substations in diverse configuration options, according to individual requirements of the business partners. See the details on the website.

image one Mobile bars for sale  |  2019  |  Portable, folding bar available online

Lightweight and yet very stable and practical mobile bars for sale. You can find in the online shop more than 30 different versions, including mobile flair, VIP, catering and other solutions for bartenders. Depending on the event or your needs, they come in classic, exclusive and even steel version for greater stability - to make serving drinks even more effective.

image one Lamp shades manufacturer  |  2019  |  Art-Abazur - unique lamp shades from Poland

Decorate your private, commercial or public interior creatively and with the use of one of the best products available. Art-Abazur is a lamp shades manufacturer from Poland, who cooperates with one of the most creative designers and architects to provide you with unlimited choice of forms and types. As a result, you get virtually unlimited possibilities, thus you can now create the exact space you have in your mind. High quality materials, vast choice of projects and at the same time flexibility await your order.

image one Wireless CCTV  |  2019  |  CCTV from Camsat

Simple, yet highly effective monitoring systems are currently based on wi-fi technology. Camsat has prepared in its offer wireless CCTV systems, which can be installed and used in offices, industrial environment as well as private properties. The hardware is easy to install and the quality and reliability of cameras, antennas and other elements are one of the highest!

image one Gastric band  |  2019  |  Adjustable band to help with obesity

Modern medicine has developed several different methods of helping patients suffering from obesity problem. Top-Medics Poland performs gastric band surgery - a method in which small, adjustable device is placed around the stomach, to limit its capacity. As a result a patients eats less and can effectively lose weight.

image one Long dresses online  |  2019  |  Stylish, fashionable dress for you

Whimsical combinations, bold prints, ruffles and curious ideas and designs for every fashionable women. Long dresses available online are as unique as you want them to be. Perfect for your next workday or sophisticated gala, they give you the necessary freedom of choice in your wardrobe. Pick the fashionable version of you for today.

image one Lighting manufacturer  |  2019  |  LED garden lamps

Our offer includes products necessary for urban infrastructure, as well as private interior design. Lighting manufacturer prepared plafonds, chandeliers, garden lamps, sconces and more. We use energy-saving technologies, such as LED to ensure high quality of each item, while maintaining a reasonable price.

image one Belt magnet  |  2019  |  High-quality magnetic separator

Our machines will provide you with the efficient removal of iron impurities from bulk materials. The belt magnet in the separator type STM can also be used for the protection of machines against damage caused by loose metal parts. The device is particularly recommended for the removal of unwanted iron elements from materials like coal, basalt or limestone.

image one STRUT System  |  2019  |  High-quality installation accessories

Our accessories provide quick and easy duct installation in every corner - even the ones particularly hard to reach. The STRUT system is based on special suspension rails and supported by elements such as connectors, angle plates or hole plugs. The components of construction can be used for any devices or parts that need suspension.

image one Liturgical stole  |  2019  |  Vestments for priests

We offer vestments for Catholic priests made from finest fabric and decorated with beautiful embroidery. Our shop particularly recommends liturgical stoles that come in different styles: Gothic, Marian or Roman. The products can be made of fancy brocade material. We also sell various vestments for deacons.

image one Legendary Kraków  |  2019  |  Professional tours for tourists

We organize professional tours and transfers for tourists from all over the world. Our company is called Legendary Kraków not without a reason. We will be more than happy to help you discover our beautiful city and its surroundings. Join us on a tour to explore famous places, like the Main Square of the Old Town.

image one Precision balances  |  2019  |  RADWAG Balances And Scales

Designed to meet strict standards of research facilities and universities, the scales are used by the most demanding customers. Radwag has developed special range of precision balances available in three series: standard, advanced and professional. Choose the one which meets your requirements and weigh faster, simpler and with more accuracy.

image one Underground tanks  |  2019  |  Plastic elements for varous industries

Our company excels at the production of durable, high-quality plastic products. Our elements are commonly used in industries such as brewery, construction, plumbing and farming. Our offer includes products like underground tanks, SPS structured pipes, oil/water separators and drainage system fittings.

image one Strainer  |  2019  |  Elements for shipbuilding and heating installations

Our elements are often crucial and essential in installations made for shipbuilding, heating or power engineering. The strainer we present was designed to remove different kinds of contaminants from the fluid and a whole pipeline system. The element is environment-friendly and suited for even very contaminated installations.

image one Poland education  |  2019  |  Study at a Polish university

Would you like to study in our beautiful country? Our team will help you get the higher education in Poland you deserve! We will help you with admission, setting a bank account and finding an accommodation. We will also help you with getting to know the local student life, full of fun, interesting people and new opportunities!

image one Bio food online  |  2019  |  Never search for healthy snacks again!

We know how hard it is to find cereals, beverages or oils that are 100% natural. It’s time to change it – see for yourself how easy it can be to buy bio food online! Visit our site, browse through delicious dried fruits, herbs and snacks and change your diet for better! We have something for your skin too – check only natural cosmetics!