image one Formwork accessories  |  2021  |  Forbuild's formwork solutions

Professional systems for the construction sector, developed to transfer the forces, created by the concrete pressing on the panels. Formwork accessories included in Forbuild’s offer are extremely durable and efficient in transferring those forces, thus they offer the reliability and durability your company requires.

image one Wireless CCTV  |  2021  |  CCTV from Camsat

Simple, yet highly effective monitoring systems are currently based on wi-fi technology. Camsat has prepared in its offer wireless CCTV systems, which can be installed and used in offices, industrial environment as well as private properties. The hardware is easy to install and the quality and reliability of cameras, antennas and other elements are one of the highest!

image one Gastric band surgery  |  2021  |  Adjustable band to help with obesity

Modern medicine has developed several different methods of helping patients suffering from obesity problem. Top-Medics Poland performs gastric band surgery - a method in which small, adjustable device is placed around the stomach, to limit its capacity. As a result a patients eats less and can effectively lose weight.

image one Long dresses online  |  2021  |  Stylish, fashionable dress for you

Whimsical combinations, bold prints, ruffles and curious ideas and designs for every fashionable women. Long dresses available online are as unique as you want them to be. Perfect for your next workday or sophisticated gala, they give you the necessary freedom of choice in your wardrobe. Pick the fashionable version of you for today.

image one STRUT System  |  2021  |  High-quality installation accessories

Our accessories provide quick and easy duct installation in every corner - even the ones particularly hard to reach. The STRUT system is based on special suspension rails and supported by elements such as connectors, angle plates or hole plugs. The components of construction can be used for any devices or parts that need suspension.

image one Thermal baths Krakow  |  2021  |  Professional tours for tourists

We organize professional tours and transfers for tourists from all over the world. Our company is called Legendary Kraków not without a reason. We will be more than happy to help you discover our beautiful city and its surroundings. Join us on a tour to explore places in Krakow, like thermal baths or the Main Square of the Old Town.

image one Strainer  |  2021  |  Elements for shipbuilding and heating installations

Our elements are often crucial and essential in installations made for shipbuilding, heating or power engineering. The strainer we present was designed to remove different kinds of contaminants from the fluid and a whole pipeline system. The element is environment-friendly and suited for even very contaminated installations.

image one polski sklep online usa  |  2021  |  Kosmetyki z Ameryki

Znajdziesz u nas bogaty wybór kosmetyków do każdego typu skóry. Nasz polski sklep online w USA zajmuje się sprzedażą różnego rodzaju kremów i akcesoriów przeznaczonych zarówno dla kobiet, jak i dla mężczyzn. Produkty, które znajdziesz u nas przeznaczone są zarówno do pielęgnacji twarzy, stóp, paznokci, jak i dłoni.

image one Transmission gear manufacturers  |  2021  |  Manufacturing metal elements

We provide services of reparing powetrains and steering. Apart from that, we are experienced transmission gear manufacturers. The mechanical equipment that we produce is used in many industries: railway, agricultural, energy and power. Moreover, our products are made by very qualified staff and by using special machines, such as numerically controlled or electron beam vacuum.

image one Jugs from Poland  |  2021  |  Traditional Polish pottery

If you want to astonish your guests and leave them speechless, look no further. As an importer of traditional jugs from Poland we assure you that this is the reaction you'll be getting. With every piece handmade, the stoneware we offer will reflect your sophistication and break the mold of boring, mass-produced kitchen vessels.

image one LED slide covers  |  2021  |  Protection for the strips

We pride ourselves in being the top provider of lighting systems. In our online shop you can also find different types of profiles and LED slide covers that are necessary for the right installation and also improve the overall aesthetics. Except for that, its texture protects the strip for pollution and mechanical damage.

image one well services cementing  |  2021  |  Drilling for oil industry

With our experience, professional workers and strong equipment base, our company specializes in drilling for the oil and gas upstream industry. We provide a lot of different well services - cementing, reinforcing, testing and many more. Our fleet consists of 8 complete sets able to work at separate locations at any given time.

image one Financial institutions  |  2021  |  Guidance for organizations

Our vast experience in providing guidance for both lenders and borrowers has given us a unique insight into the world of financial institutions. With the help we provide your company can grow immensely, while the results of our cooperation are clear and tangible, so that you do not feel left in the dark.

image one Custom car interior  |  2021  |  Car interior - custom

Your car needs new upholstery? You are not satisfied with standard, typical solutions? Carlex Design is the company you are looking for. We specialize in creating leather car interior, which amazes even the most demanding specialists in the area. To find out more visit the company website and check the included gallery.

image one Steel flanges  |  2021  |  Metal construction elements

Feel free to contact us if you are in need of a trustworthy manufacturer of steel flanges and other metal structure elements. We provide only the finest products fit for construction work, shipbuilding, power and water conditioning and many more various industries that are in need of reliable and sturdy components.

image one Office removals company  |  2021  |  For businessmen

If you're an entrepreneur and you feel it is time to relocate in South Wales (especially in Bristol, Swansea or Bridgend), give us a shout. Our task is to transport all your belongings to a new place. You don't have to worry about details - the office removals company will take care of the organization.

image one Bubble Wrap  |  2021  |  Bubble wrap for removals

We will help you not only with cleaning the apartment and transporting objects to your new home. Our services also include the provision of all the materials necessary for the professional protection of items. This type of accessories includes bubble wrap, strong double wall cardboard boxes and a durable tape.